Why Green Energy?

Starting with facts, in the last 50 years, we’ve managed to double our population, triple the amount of food and water we use, and quadruple the use of fossil fuels derived products. Vast quantities of fossil fuels have been used to power the economy and deliver unprecedented affluence to huge numbers of people, a population that is expected to reach ten billion by the end of the decade according to the UN predictions.

For that matter, a universal question is arising: How is the world going to cope with this ever growing man-made global warming? especially that the greenhouse effect we are experiencing goes up roughly in proportion to the total amount of carbon dioxide that global society emits — cumulatively.And besides, how are we going to manage covering our energy needs, as global population continues to grow, and that the limited amount of fossil fuels already begun to diminish? ANSWERS, anyone?

Let’s go back to where it all started, the major source of energy used to fuel the industry in most industrialized and developing countries, comes from fossil fuels, most of which are either oil, coal, or natural gas. Among these fossil fuels, oil is the most consumed for energy conversion, followed by coal, then natural gas. For instance “In 1997, the world produced approximately 130 quadrillion Btu of energy from oil, 80 quadrillion Btu from coal, and 70 quadrillion Btu from natural gas.”

More recently, global warminghas become undeniably important with widespread melting of ice, noticeable climate changes, and rising sea levels. This is now recognized by nearly everyone as caused by greenhouse gases, (mainly carbon dioxide), produced by burning fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.

This current situation requires an immediate rebuilding of our entire energy infrastructure. Note that there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to convert energy without fossil fuels, and many of are being used, but not nearly to their full potential. We all must take actions and switch to green energy resources, such as solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, hydrogen power, thermometric, and other renewable power sources.

Unfortunately, global warming is not our only concern. The global supply of fossil fuels is not as plentiful as it may seem today, compared to an increasing trend in the world energy consumptionThis is mainly due to two factors: the growing world population and the growth of developing countries. The world population has been increasing at a more dramatic rate than it ever has been. -We keep saying this over and over, so people can see how very serious the situation is! — More people means more energy consumption, and more energy consumption, if we stick to fossil fuels as the major resource, means less time until we run out of fossil fuels.

On the other hand, developing countries are major contributors to the increasing amount of production of energy: since these latter are in the process of becoming industrialized, they are consuming more energy than industrialized countries; they may have not yet mastered efficiency, resulting in both more consumption and more waste.

All of this leaves us no choice but to adopt a green energy based system , the development of which requires only resources that we already have in abundance.

Good news is that Electrify has already thought of such system that entirely shifts electricity generation away from fossil fuels, to more sustainable energy sources in an economically profitable way.

Let’s preserve the Earth for our descendants, let’s go GREEN y’all !

Wejden Khachaà is a Marketing/Finance Bachelor who is passionate about blockchain and it’s power to change the world.